A Refresher Or Depressor; Which Will It Be?

Are you a refresher or a depressor? Are you the kind of person people like to see coming or, do they want to run when they see you coming?       We need to be people who others want to be around. We need to be encouragers. In first Corinthians 16, the apostle Paul was closing out his letter. As he did, he mentioned three people whom he said “refreshed my spirit.”
Those people were Stephanas, Fortunatas & Achaia.” Paul said of them, “…they refresh my spirit.”
I have some people in my life who refresh my spirit. I bet you do as well. Everyone needs some ” refreshers” in life.
So, question; are you a refresher or a depressor? Hopefully you are a refresher. That’s how I want to be known… As a refresher. Today someone needs you to refresh their spirit encourage someone today. Brag on someone…say something good about someone.
Today you have a choice; you can refresh or you can depress. Refresh someone today.

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