God Loves Us – Even When The Ball Doesn’t Bounce Our Way

Yesterday I went to work praying for a sale. There have been other times when I prayed for a sale and God answered my prayer. But yesterday, it didn’t happen.
I admit, I was frustrated…discouraged. But, I began to reflect some. Does this mean God doesn’t love me? No, it doesn’t. Does it mean God doesn’t care about me? No, it doesn’t. I just didn’t make sale.
In athletics, there is an expression, the ball just didn’t bounce our way.” Sometimes that happens but it doesn’t mean God doesn’t love us.
Maybe the ball isn’t bouncing your way right now. Maybe your funds are low. Maybe things are a little tough.
Today, in Louisiana, there are families who suffered major damage during the flooding. Does God love them less? No! They just experienced a big-time unfortunate set of circumstances.
God loves you and will take care of us…even when the ball doesn’t bounce our way.

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