God Always Provides A Ram In The Thicket

More transparency…
Lessons from a golf cart on a car lot…
Yesterday, I shared some from my personal life… The fact that God doesn’t owe me anything… the struggle I’m going through during this season in my life.
Yesterday, I thought a lot. Our dealership has a golf cart that we salesmen sit on while we are on the lot waiting for a customer. There were a few times when I was alone and I thought…
The root issue for me is… faith… can I trust God?
Ok… someone reading this is thinking, “Man, you are a Preacher… You are always telling us to have faith… If you don’t think you can trust God, we got a problem.”
I hear you… and don’t start throwing stones at me.. but please read on..
Right now, I do not know what the future holds. But, I have to believe that God knows where I am and God will take care for me. Will it require cutting some more things financially? Very likely. But God promises to take care of our needs…
As I think about faith and my struggle with it.. I thought about the story of Abraham offering his son Isaac as a sacrifice. God called Abraham to offer Isaac. So, Abraham sets out to take Isaac to Mt. Moriah.
Along the way, Isaac says, “Dad… we have the wood but where is the sacrifice?”
Abraham didn’t have the heart to tell Isaac that he was the sacrifice so, he said, “God will provide the sacrifice.”
So, Abraham gets to Mt. Moriah. He prepares Isaac to be the sacrifice. Maybe he takes a longer than normal time to prep Isaac because he is hoping God is going to provide another sacrifice.
He finishes preparing Isaac. Still no word from God.
He gets his knife… He slowly raises his arms.. still hoping to hear from God.
Then, perhaps he prays… “Lord thank you for this boy.. He has been a joy to raise..”
Then, maybe Abraham takes a deep breath… His arms are fully extended heavenward now.. Then, he is about to move his arms down to kill Isaac when he hears a voice,           “Abraham.. Abraham… I know now that you love me more than you love your son… Look in the thicket…”
Abraham exhales and quietly says, “Thank you God… Thank you Father.. for not requiring me to sacrifice my son…” Then, he looks at the thicket and, he sees a ram caught there. Maybe Abraham rubs his eyes to be sure he isn’t crazy. The ram is still there. It wasn’t there five minutes before.. Abraham is certain he would have seen it. But it is there now.
So, he unties Isaac and gets the ram and offers the ram as a sacrifice.
Then. Abraham names that place, “Jehovah Jireh… the Lord will provide.”
As I thought about that story I thought, “Lord, I understand that story is a reminder to me to have faith… but could you show me the ram in the thicket a little earlier? 🙂
I can tell you from personal experience that God provides. It comes in different ways but God provides. But, for whatever reason, every time I have to have faith, God has to remind me that He has always come through.
But, that’s where I am… I’m trusting God for daily provision.
Are you having a difficult time having faith? If so, I understand. But I can tell you that God provides.
Maybe you want to tithe but you are afraid you won’t have enough money to pay the bills. I promise you, God will take care of it.
Maybe you are thinking about making a sacrificial gift to your church but you are a little concerned. God will take care of you.
Maybe you are like me in that you want to believe… you really want to believe that God is going to provide a ram in the thicket… You just wish God would show you the ram a little earlier. Join me and let’s together believe that somehow, someway, God will provide.

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