Last night Alex Rodriguez played his last game for the New York Yankees. A-Rod, as he was called throughout his career, went one for four last night. He had a double in his first at bat.
I want to stress that I am NOT defending A-Rod’s life or the mistakes that he made. Several years ago he admitted to using steroids which means he cheated.
Earlier this week A-Rod had a press conference to announce his retirement. In his press conference A-Rod said; ” I’ve been to hell and back and made just about every mistake in the book.”
I obviously don’t agree with this cheating but, I’m glad he was honest. But, although we may not care for A Rod, like him, we’ve all made mistakes. It may be that you could say, “I can identify with A-Rod; I’ve been to hell and back as well and made all kinds of mistakes.”
The good news is, even if you have been to hell and back you can be forgiven. If you will repent of your sins and give your life to Christ you can be forgiven and all your sins washed away.
You may not have taken steroids but maybe you have taken something else. You may not have cheated but maybe you done something else. We are all sinners yet we have a savior who gave His life for our sins so that all our sins to be forgiven. You can be forgiven even if you been “to hell and back.”

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