Cheaters Are Not Winners, Even When They Win

If you watched the Olympics last night or, if you have watched the news last night or this morning, you have probably seen the story of Lilly King from Indiana winning Olympic Gold in swimming. Ok, winning gold is good enough but, in this case, there is more to the story.
Yulia Efmova, from Russia, was the reigning world champion. But, she was suspended by the IOC because she tested positive for doping, not once but twice. However, she appealed her suspension and she was allowed to swim. Well, that lit a fire under Lilly King.
When Efmova won a prior race, as she finished, she signaled that she was #1. Lilly King was watching the race on TV and said she wasn’t impressed. She added, “You don’t say you are #1 when you have cheated to get there.
When Lilly King swam her race, she signaled #1 as she finished.
But last night, Yulia Efmova and Lilly King swam for gold and Lilly King won. Some said this race was like re-kindling the Cold War all over again. Some even drew comparisons of Rocky beating Drago. 🙂
Several people were astounded that Efmova even got to swim. She had been caught twice for doping. Yet, she was allowed to swim. So, when she signaled that she was #1, Lilly King wasn’t moved. She said, “You don’t say you’re #1 when you are cheating.”
But Yulia Efmova isn’t the only cheater in history. Lots of teams and individuals have won… when they were cheating. I think of Southern Methodist University. Back in the eighties, I believe, they were given the death penalty for massive recruiting penalties.
Barry Bonds, broke Hank Aaron’s home-run record although he has an asterik by his name because he took steriods. It never pays to cheat. Oh, you may win some but can you really feel good about your accomplishment since you know that you cheated to win?
Maybe you are struggling in business to a company that you feel like is cheating. Maybe you are trying a football team or baseball or any other sport.. and you have determined that you will not cheat although there are other schools cheating. It’s never right to cheat. Never.
So, if you are getting frustrated because you are trying to be honest and do the right thing yet, other businesses or teams or doing better. Don’t quit. It’s never right to win by cheating.
It’s never right to cheat in sports.
It’s never right to cheat in business.
It’s never right to cheat in politics.
And. I shouldn’t have to say this but.. it’s never right to cheat in church.
Cheaters are not winners, even when they win.

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