Does God Still Heal And If So, Why Isn’t Everyone Healed?

      Does God still heal?
      Over the years, I have, on numerous occasions had people ask me to pray for someone to be healed. At times, a family will join hands and we would pray for the person who is sick. There have been times when this was done in a worship service or in a home. But, that doesn’t mean everyone will be healed.
      In II Chronicles, 32:24, the Bible says that King Hezekiah became deathly ill. He prayed to he Lord, who healed him…” So, Hezekiah was healed. And, there are other examples in scripture of people being healed.
      At times, people are healed while at other times, they aren’t. How can we explain that? We can’t.
      I’m going to be transparent here… I’ve always been a little uncomfortable praying for someone to be healed. Why? Because what if they aren’t healed? Will the family member think God is a bad God if their loved one isn’t healed? Why are some healed and others aren’t?
I don’t have the answer to that nor does anyone else. And, when I pray for someone to be healed, I normally add something like, “Lord, help us to accept your will however this goes.”
      I believe God can heal. God is God God can do what He wants.
But, I think we have to be willing to accept that some may not be healed.
      Now, someone will say, “Well, there were people healed in the Bible.” And they are right. Some theologians have said the reason there were some examples of healing in Scripture is because God used these situations to demonstrate to the pagans and the Jews that Christianity was for real.
Yes, we serve a God who is able to heal… without question. But. we have to accept that we do not understand why one person is healed and another isn’t.
      We should pray that if it is God’s will, someone would be healed but also be willing to accept whatever God may choose to happen.

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