Forgiveness. The Bible teaches that any person can be forgiven for anything if they will repent and ask for forgiveness. But, does that include heinous sin?
For example, last week, Pope Francis visited the former Nazi death factory Auschwitz where thousands of Jewish people suffered and died. There is a guestbook at Auschwitz and Pope Francis wrote, “Lord forgiveness for so much cruelty!”
That sentence begs the question; could the Nazis be forgiven for their horrible crimes? Could they be forgiven for the suffering and murder of thousands of Jewish people? And the answer is Yes!
Even as I type that, I’m thinking what someone is thinking… “You mean to tell me that the Nazis who murdered thousands can be forgiven?” I know… it almost seems not right but that simply demonstrates the amazing grace of Jesus!
Yes, the Nazis could have been forgiven if they had sincerely, remorsefully asked.
That reminds us of the need to forgive. Perhaps there is someone that you are bitter with. Maybe there is someone who mistreated you or said something about you and you are having a difficult time forgiving them. I understand.. I have some too. But, with the Lord’s help, when those memories comes to mind, I am reminded of the need to forgive.
The power of Christian forgiveness is one of the most powerful things, if not the most powerful thing this world has known. It is simply a powerful thing to consider forgiveness.

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