God Will Give Us The Desires Of Our Heart

Have you ever heard a Minister or a Christian say, “God will give you the desires of your heart?” When you hear that, you could think, “Wow! I want a new house or, a new car or an all-expenses paid trip!”
But that’s not what that verse means. God will give us the desires of our heart when our heart is in sync with God. Because when it is, we want what God wants. Our desires are God’s desires.
So, what are God’s desires for us? God’s desires are for us to bring God glory. God wants to use us to demonstrate His love to our fellow man. God may give us a nicer home than we could afford but, He wants us to use it for His glory. God may have given you a promotion. If so, He wants you to use His financial resources to advance His kingdom.
When our desires are God’s desires, God will bless us and we should use those blessings for His glory.

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