Broad Principles To Build Our Lives On

      Around the first of February, I resigned as Pastor of FBC Emerson. At that time, my plans were to substitute teach and do supply preach or maybe an Interim. Neither of those plans worked out. Instead, I went to work at Town Center Nissan in Kennesaw where I was a Porter and then, transferred to Hardy Ford in Dallas where I’m in sales.
      Over the last six months, I’ve been learning the car business and I’ve preach a few times. This is new for me. I’ve been a Pastor all my life so, I’m doing a career change in my fiftie’s. It’s definitely not how you would draw up but, it is what it is.
      Over the past six months, the Lord has taught me a lot. But there are a couple of broad principles God has taught/reminded me of. They are:
      God loves us. Hopefully we know this but, even if you know it, at times, you can forget it. At times you can question the existence of God. But, regardless how things are God does love us.
God provides the necessities for us. Notice I said, “necessities.” That means God provides the basics. The basics are shelter, food, basic transportation.
There may be some things we have to do without. But, God takes care of us.
      God has a plan for our lives. Right now, I don’t know affirmatively what God’s plan is for me, but God does. I simply have to have faith that God wants to use me.
      But here is the big one. We have to have FAITH that the above is true. There will be times when you don’t know how God will provide but He does. Again. I didn’t say God would fly us to Acapulco. But God does care of us.
As a car salesman, I am paid on commission. That commission varies from week to week, depending on how many cars I sale. I have to believe… have faith.. that whatever my commission is, God will take care of me.
      Maybe you are going through something like this. Be reminded that God does Love you… God will provide the necessities for us… God does have a plan for our lives… and we have to have faith that these things are true.

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