Don’t Let Someone Steal Your Song

Last night, Holli watched “Sister Act II.” “Sister Act II” and Sister Act I” were about a lounge singer, (Whoopi Goldberg) being placed in the Witness Protection program and she became a choir director at a Catholic Girls school. She begins working with the choir and transforms it into a great choir.
In “Sister Act II,” there is a girl who loves to sing but her Mom doesn’t believe singing will help her in life. She sees it as a hobby and nothing else. The Mom is so adamant in her resistance to her daughter singing that she tells her to drop out of choir. But the girl sings any way and, goes against her Mom’s will and sings with the choir.
The choir goes to their competition and this young lady opens their performance with a solo. So, she’s on stage and the piano begins to play. As the young lady scans the audience, she sees her Mother. As she does, she can’t sing. The piano plays but the young lady doesn’t respond.
This happens twice.
Then, finally… the young lady begins to sing and does a beautiful job.
But think about that… at first, the young lady couldn’t sing. Why? There was nothing wrong with her voice. But she spotted her Mother, who didn’t share her enthusiasm about music and the young lady lost her song. That can happen in life as well.
Maybe there is someone who is taking your song. Maybe it’s a boss, or a colleague at work or maybe a church member. Maybe it’s your spouse or someone e4lse.  You love to sing and you have a beautiful voice but, someone has taken your song.
In the movie, this young lady begins to sing and does a great job. You can sing just as well. Don’t let some bitter, unhappy person rob you of your song.

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