God’s Mercy Is Far Greater Than Man’s

We serve a loving, gracious God. All of us have experienced God’s love. When we sin, if we ask for it, God forgives us. God picks us up when we have fallen. David knew this and asked for God’s grace.
In I Chronicles 21, Satan has risen up and caused David to take a census. Because David took the census, God sent an angel to David to tell him he would be punished. The angel told David he had three options; first, God would send three years of famine on Israel or, three months of destruction by the sword of his enemies or three years of severe plaque.
David thought about it and said, “Let me fall into the hands of the Lord for His mercy is great.”
Think about that; David chose to fall into the hands of the Lord rather than man. David knew that God was more likely to cut the punishment short than man was. David knew that God was a God of mercy.
I don’t know what you are facing but, God loves you. God’s mercy is great. There is nothing you have done that God won’t forgive.
You made mistakes in the past? God will forgive.
You struggling with some sin in our life? God will forgive.
But, you have to ask for it. If you will confess your sin, Jesus will forgive us.
But let’s look at the flip side of this. David trusted God for grace more than he did man.       David knew man and man can be unforgiving. Maybe there is someone you need to show some grace. Friend, we have all received grace. Don’t fail to forgive someone when you have been forgiven of so much by the lord.

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