We Don’t Like To Talk About It But, We Can Be Abandoned By God

The Bible teaches us that God forgives. We believe that and hold to that. But, the Bible has another teaching that we need to understand. God does forgive us if ask for it. But, there are also times when God abandons us or others.
In the book of Romans, Paul is talking about sexual sin. Then, in Roans 1:28, Paul says, “God abandoned them to their foolish thinking.”
God abandons people? Really? Let me explain.
God IS a God of forgiveness and love and mercy. But at times, there reaches a point with some people that if their thinking is distorted and if their sin is sole vile and they are not responding to anything from God, they may be abandoned by God. That means, God leaves them alone and lets them wallow around in their own sin.
Now, someone will ask, “Ok, if God abandons someone, does that mean they are beyond forgiveness?” I don’t believe it is but, it would take something major… maybe a brush with death or something that really rattles their life, to get their attention.
Some of us may know someone like this. Maybe it’s someone whom we have talked to until we are blue in the face and we have decided to stop talking to them about this and we gave it to the Lord in prayer. Right now, with everything going on in the United States, some might say that God has abandoned the United States. It could be but, I’m not comfortable with that.
So, what should you do if you know someone like this? You should pray for them. Pray, pray and pray some more.
You should live the Christian life for them. Let them see that you are legit… you aren’t fake… and Christianity is real.
Being abandoned by God is very serious thing We should pray that no one experiences that because it often takes something major to get our attention if we reach that point.

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