When God Closes One Door -God Opens Another

Have you ever wanted to take a job or take some other action but, for whatever reason, you didn’t have peace about it? You probably have. If you are living for Christ, there may have been a couple of times… maybe several times, when that kind of thing has happened.
In Acts 16:6-9, the apostle Paul and Silas were on their second missionary journey. They wanted to go to the province of Asia but the Holy Spirit had prevented them from sailing there. The Bible doesn’t say what specifically happened… only that the Holy Spirit would not let them sail there. Then, they wanted to go to Bithynia but again, the Spirit wouldn’t allow them. But then, Paul had what is known as the “Macedonian call.” Paul had a dream and in his dream, a man from Macedonia was calling Paul there. So, Paul sailed to Macedonia and the church at Philippi was started. So. this is what we need to hang onto… God closed the other doors to send Paul to Macedonia.
God may have done the same thing or, something similar to you. Maybe God has closed a door. You aren’t sure why but, you just can’t get peace about something. It may be some time later before you finally know why God did it. But for now, just be content with the fact that God doesn’t want you going through that door.
Maybe God has closed a door in your life. Maybe you are disappointed… confused… you really wanted whatever was behind that door Whatever it was, God either didn’t think you were ready for it or it wasn’t what you thought it was going to be. When God closes doors, He’s preparing to open another.
Holli and I are attending Cartersville First Baptist Church. Several months ago, the church was dealing with a man about becoming their Minister of Music. But. the man declined. At the time. the committee was disappointed. But, just recently, the church called a man. God closed a door a few months ago, to open another.
He does the same in our lives. If God has closed a door, He will, in His time, open another one.

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