We Need To Share The Love Of Jesus

God has convicted me of the need to witness more. When I say that, I’m not boasting but, I’ve been convicted of the need to share the love Jesus more.
But in order to share the love of Christ effectively, two things have to be happening in my life. First, Jesus must be doing something in my life. It’s kind of difficult to share the love of Jesus and the difference he is making in my life if in fact, he’s not making much difference.
Second, am I living for Christ? It’s difficult to share the love of Jesus with a friend or family member or colleague at work if they’ve seen you doing things that are not Christian. If that’s the case, they will see you as a hypocrite
The answer to both of these problems is to allow Jesus to control our lives. Although we are not perfect, if we live for Jesus and others see that and see that it’s genuine, they’ll listen to us as we try to witness to them.
You may have a family member or a friend or colleague at work whom you do not believe is a Christian. If that person died today, they would spend eternity in hell. But that shouldn’t happen. If we simply share with others our love for Jesus and the difference he’s making in our lives, there’s a chance we can lead people who are special to us to ask Christ into their hearts.
We all need to witness more. All around us there are people who need Jesus in their lives. Ask the Lord to give you the courage and the boldness to witness more for Christ.

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