Are You Living Life Unplugged?

Are you living life unplugged? Let me explain.
This past week, one night as I was getting ready to go to bed, I took my iPad cord and plugged it into a block that I have so that it would charge overnight. And, I did the same with my phone.
The next morning I get up…I unplug the iPad and iPhone but I notice they haven’t charged. I I didn’t think that much about it, thinking I must not have made a good connection putting the cord into the device so I plugged it in then. The next night, again I’m getting ready for bed, I reach over and plug the power cord into my iPad and into the iPhone intending to get a good charge overnight. Then, I go to sleep, get up the next morning anticipating a freshly charged iPhone and ipad.
Again they hadn’t charged and I reasoned I must not have made a good connection with the two cords. That night, again, I’m getting ready for bed when I look at the electrical outlet and notice, you guessed it, the charging block wasn’t even plugged in. So for two straight nights, I plug in a iPad and an iPhone into a charging block anticipating getting a full charge but it never happened. Why did it not happen? Because the charger wasn’t plugged in to the power source.
OK, before anyone reading this says “you idiot”…Yeah I know It wasn’t really smart…maybe on the list of top 10 dumbest things I’ve ever done but, as Christians we do the same thing every day.
You see when we except Christ as our savior the Holy Spirit comes into our lives. The only way we can live the Christian life as it should be layout is through the power of the Holy Spirit. Yet, thousands of Christians are unplugged from the Holy Spirit because we are not reading God’s word, we are not worshiping and we aren’t yielding our lives to the Lord. Just as I couldn’t charge my ipad when the charger was unplugged from the power, you can’t live the Christian life unplugged from the Holy Spirit. today, make sure you have a good connection with the Holy Spirit so that you can be a good witness for Jesus.

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