Don’t Try To Cover Up Your Sin, Fess Up And Experience Forgiveness

Cover up or Fess up?
What do we do when we sin?
When we sin, it is human nature for us to try to cover up our sin or to justify our sin. In the garden of Eden, when God asked Adam how he knew he was naked, instead of fessing up, Adam blamed Eve! And made has been doing that ever since!
But, when we sin, the best thing to do is to fess up! The Bible tells us repeatedly that God will forgive our sin but we must confess our sin. In II Samuel 11, David has an affair with Bathsheba. Ok, that’s bad enough as it is. Then, Bathsheba discovers she’s pregnant. So, David has two problems… he had an affair and the woman he had an affair with is pregnant.
What should he do? The best thing to do was confess it. No, it wasn’t good…but don’t make things worse but that’s exactly what David did!
Instead of fessing up, David tried to cover up his sin. He ultimately had Uriah killed. So, now David has sinned twice and hasn’t dealt with his sin. David will eventually be confronted by Nathan the prophet regarding his sin.
Now, we can shake our heads and say “David, I’m ashamed of you!” But, we are likek David. We may not have had an affair but, sin is sin. The key is, have we fessed up our sin or have we tried to cover it up.
Listen… I promise you, based on the authority of God’s word, if you will confess your sins, Jesus will forgive you. Someone might say, “Oh, but you don’t know what I did.” No, I don’t and I don’t need to. But you can be forgiven.
In I John 1;9, the Bible says, “If you confess your sins, Jesus is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”
So, if you have made a mistake.. if you have sinned… God promises to forgive but, we have to fess up!
Don’t cover up your sins! Fess up and Jesus forgives!

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