When God Says “No”

      What do you do when God says “no?”
       When we pray, God answers in one of three ways; “yes, no, wait.” We like the first two answers but we aren’t real fond of the third. Yet, there are times when God tells us “no.”
      In II Samuel 7, David wanted to build a temple for the Lord. David told Nathan the prophet of his plans and Nathan told him to move ahead with them. but then, God told Nathan to go to David and tell him that he wasn’t the one to build the temple. Instead, David’s son Solomon, would build the temple. so, God told David “no.”
      There have been many times when I have gone to the Lord in prayer and God said “no” to me. I didn’t always like it but, in the big picture, it was always best.
Wheb God tells us no, it’s normally for one or two reasons; either there is sin in our heart that needs to be dealt with or, we are not ready for what we have asked God for.
      God loves us, and always wants the best for us. If the answer to our prayer is “no” it’s because God has something better for us or, we aren’t ready for what we have asked for. Our loving God always knows what’s best for us.

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