Don’t Criticize Your Pastor… Encourage Him

      This morning, throughout the world, men who have been called by God will step into pulpits to share the word God has laid on their hearts for that day. Again, these men are CALLED BY GOD. They are the Lord’s anointed.
      Hopefully these men will be appreciated by their churches. But some will not. In some churches, someone will leave criticizing the Pastor’s message. Some will leave angry that the Pastor didn’t visit someone they thought should have been visited. Some will leave upset that something they liked in the church has been changed.
      Folks, think twice before you criticize God’s anointed. In the book of II Samuel 1, a young man who was an Amalekite came to David and told him that Saul was dead because Saul asked the young Amalekite to put him out of his misery. Then David asked, “Why were you not afraid to kill the Lord’s anointed” (II Samuel 1:15)? Then, the young Amalekite was killed.
      Forced terminations happen WAY too often in today’s churches. You may not like everything about the Pastor… you may not care for his preaching or some changes he has made but, he IS God’s anointed. And, you might say, “but what if he is NOT called of God?” Then, that man will answer for that before God.
      Today, pray for your Pastor. Encourage your Pastor. It is TOUGH to be a Pastor today. Most men are carrying around a heavy load. I know… I’ve been there. I’ve carried the load. Pray for and encourage your Minister today.

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