The Right Thing Is Still The Right Thing To Do

Have you ever helped someone and then, they turn on you? They betray you?
David experienced this at the town of Keilah. David heard the Philistines were at Keilah steeling grain. So, David asked the Lord if he should attack Keilah and the Lord said, “Yes.”
So David and his men head off to Keilah and defeat the Philistines. Then, Saul learns that David is at Keilah so he goes there to attack David. David hears that Saul is coming.
So, David prays and asks the Lord if the people of Keilah… the people he just helped… will betray him into Saul’s hands and the Lord says, “Yes, they will.”
Now get the picture… David had just helped the people of Keilah and now, the Lord is telling David, the very people he helped, will betray him. So much for good friends, right?
You may have experienced the same thing. Maybe someone you thought was a friend has betrayed you or, someone you helped as betrayed you. Keep in mind, David went to Keilah under the direction of the Lord. Which means, doing God’s will can be tough.
Today, if you are dealing with betrayal or something like that, please know that you most definitely aren’t the first to ever deal with it. And, David did the right thing.. but it led to trouble. The right thing is always the right thing regardless of the outcome.
There may be a Keilah in your life… a person who needs your help… and could very easily turn on you… Do the right thing and trust the Lord for protection and provision.

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