Jordan Spieth’s Collapse At The Masters

About a month ago, Jordan Spieth was on his way to a victory at The Masters golf tournament in Augusta. He had, I think, a five-shot lead and he was on the back nine. A television audience watched, expecting Spieth to join a select group of professional golfers who had won back-to-back Masters.
Then, Spieth collapsed. Right there on national TV. He absolutely collapsed, lost his lead and ultimately, the tournament. Professional golfers were saying it would take a while for Spieth to get over this.
In yesterday’s AJC, there was an article about how Spieth is coping. He said that ladies have approached him at the grocery store and they put their hands on him and they tell him they are praying for him and they ask, “how are you doing?”
Spieth said, “I’m like, my dog didn’t die, I’ll survive, it happens.”
That’s a very good attitude to overcome adversity. “.. my dog didn’t die… I’ll survive… it happens.”
Jordan Spieth is exactly right… it does happen. Life happens. Everyone makes mistakes… some are just more public than others.
Have you messed up? And assuming you have, how are you dealing with it? You aren’t the firat person to make a mistake, friend. We all do. And we will keep making them because we are human. But, we don’t have to wallow in self-pity. We don’t have to beat ourselves up… Like Jordan Spieth… “it’s ok… my dog didn’t die… I’ll survive… it happens.”
Today, know that, if you have messed up, Jesus Christ loves you. There is NOTHING you have done that you can’t be forgiven of if you repent and ask for forgiveness.
And, I might add…. if someone messes up, don’t constantly remind them of it. It’s done… It’s history… It’s in the past. Move on!
Jordan Spieth will likely be reminded of his mistake every time the Master’s is played. He can’t do anything about that except to learn from it. The same is true for me and you.. we messed up… ok, learn from it and move forward.

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