Feeling Sorry For People And Helping People

Lots of people are hurting. But, do we notice? We live such fast-paced lives today, do we notice that someone is hurting?
Judges 21:6 says the people of Israel “…felt sorry for their brother Benjamin…” Israel “felt sorry” for Benjamin. But they didn’t just “feel sorry,” they acted. They tried to find wives for the few who remained.
There are times when I’ve heard someone say, “I feel sorry for them.” Ok, that’s good; at least there is concern. But then, we need to act on our concern.
Many times, if a person knows someone is going through a tough time they will say, “Hey, I’m praying for you.” I believe in prayer… but sometimes we need to do more than just say “I’m praying for you.” We need to help.
Back in the nineties and maybe even the eighties, there was a Minister I know whose house burned. After the house burned, this man got a $1,000 check from a Pastor in the state that he didn’t always agree with. But, the man made a substantial donation at a time of great need.
I’m not suggesting we all make $1,000 donations to everyone… but maybe we can buy someone’s lunch… take them grocery shopping… prepare a meal for them… make a few calls for them.
We need to feel sorry for people. If we don’t, we’ve become calloused. And, when we feel sorry, we need to act and help others. Help someone today.

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