A Need To Live By Principles of Absolute Truth

We are living in a time in America where more and more people are casting off any moral constraints and they are doing what they want.  The reason for this is a rejection, by many, of absolute truth.
Absolute truth teaches that, there is truth, that is absolute.. ie… it is always true. Doesn’t matter what era we are living in… doesn’t matter what year it is… it is absolute.. it is always right.
And what is the source of absolute truth? It’s the Bible. The Bible is a book that was written two-thousand-years ago but, is just as relevant today as it was then. The Bible is absolute truth.
But, more and more people are rejecting absolute truth choosing instead to sort of, make up their own theology. Someone might tell you what they believe about something and then, they may add, “That’s just what I believe.” Ok, that’s nice but, is “what I believe?”consistent with the teachings of scripture? If it’s not, it’s wrong; it doesn’t matter if you believe it or not.
When we don’t have absolute truth, everyone does what they want. There are no rules. Just grab all the gusto you can. Have fun! But, one look at the moral climate of our nation and we should easily see that rejecting absolute truth doesn’t work. There has to be rules.
In the book of Judges, the Bible says there was a time when, “… Israel had no king; all the people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes. (Judges 17:6)”
“All the people did what was right IN THEIR OWN EYES.” There were no rules. And, Israel was constantly being taken captive by neighboring nations because of this.
Casting off all moral restraint leads men and women to live with one another even when they aren’t married.
Casting off all moral restraint means a rejection of Biblical teachings on sex.
Casting off all moral restraint means an absolute rejection of values that have served us well for years in return for a “do your own thing” mindset.
I encourage you, to build your life on absolute truth. Don’t throw moral restraint to the wind. It leads to chaos.

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