Don’t Lose A Night’s Sleep

Every now and then, I don’t have a good night’s sleep.  Most of the time, it’s due to having something on my mind that keeps me restless.  Recently, I had a night like that.
The next morning, while I was taking a shower, I thought about the night’s sleep I lost. As I thought about the lost sleep and I thought about the issue that kept me from sleeping, the issue wasn’t nearly as significant then, as it was the night before. Then, the thought hit me; “was it worth losing a night’s sleep?”
The answer was, “No.”
However, there are times when we can’t sleep and it’s due to something that is significant. A mother may lose a night’s sleep staying up with a sick child. Someone may lose a night’s sleep in the hospital with a loved one. Someone may lose a night’s sleep or, at least half of it, due to working overtime. So, there are times, when we lose sleep over something that is significant. But many times, it isn’t.
At times, you may be talking with someone about an issue and they will say to you, “Man, don’t lose any sleep over this.” That’s there way of saying, “Don’t worry about this.. it’s ok.”
If you are losing sleep over something that should be a “non-issue,” try to put it aside. It’s not worthy losing sleep over it.

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