We Don’t Always Need A Sign

“Lord, I need a sign.”
Have you ever said that? You probably have. When we are trying to make a decision, we will often ask the Lord for a sign to show us which direction we need to go. For that matter, I asked for a sign last night.
The idea of “asking for a sign” came from the Bible story of Gideon and the fleece. In the book of Judges, there is the story of Gideon being visited by an angel of God. The angel tells Gideon that God wants to use him to lead Israel into the battle. But Gideon can’t believe it. So, he asks God for a sign.
Gideon says, “Lord, if you are going to rescue Israel as you say, I will put a wool fleece on the threshing floor. If the fleece is wet with due but the ground around it is wet, I will know that you are going to be with me.”
So, Gideon gets up the next morning and the fleece is soaking wet with water. But Gideon still isn’t convinced. So, He asks the Lord to do it one more time but this time, he wants the fleece to be dry and the ground around the fleece to be wet. So, God did what Gideon asked and the next morning, the ground around it was wet but the fleece was dry. So, God had confirmed to Gideon that He was with him.
This story is often used in reference to decision-making but, this is really not a story about faith but instead, a story of Gideon’s lack of faith. When God told him the first time that he wanted him to lead Israel into battle, that was sufficient. God didn’t need to give Gideon any other proof.
We have a tendency to do the same.
Maybe we are asked to do something and we will tell someone, “I’m praying about it… let me hang out the fleece.” Folks, when God tells us to do something, we don’t need any other proof.
We don’t a sign from God to go to church. God has already told us to worship.
We don’t a sign from God to give. The Bible has already told us to tithe.
We don’t need a sign from God to serve. God has already told us to serve.
We don’t need a sign from God to forgive our fellow man.. God has already told us to do that.
The list could go on but you get the idea. Today, are you asking for a sign? If so, do you really need one or, has God’s word already told you to do what you are praying about doing? We need to stop looking for signs and just be obedient to what God has already revealed in His word.