Healing Our Enemies

Are there some people that you have trouble loving? You know that you’re supposed to forgive, maybe you have but the memories of something they did to you lingers. You just don’t care to be around him much.
Jesus had enemies. How did he treat His enemies? Jesus healed them! In Luke 22:52, Jesus touched the ear of a Roman soldier & healed it. One of the men with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane had taken his sword abd cut the soldier’s ear off. But Jesus stoped the fighting and healed the man.
Now, be honest; if this had happened with some of us in the crowd we may have said, “that serves you right..you shouldn’t be arresting Jesus anyway.”
Jesus healed his enemy. Think about that. He healed someone who was arresting Him. Oh that’s hard to do!!
Today, is there someone you need to forgive? Is there someone that you need to talk with them and clear the air on some things? In doing thst you would be healed like Jesus healed the soldier.

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