“My Life Has Been Full Of Troubles”

Lots and lots of people are struggling and lots and lots of people have gone through lots of tough times. Maybe you are one of those. Life has been tough.
Several years ago, I was talking with a friend who had gone through a divorce. My friend had dated some but nothing ever worked out. Then, my friend said, “I have kind of accepted that I won’t every re-marry.” My friend is a beautiful lady and I felt very sorry for her At a relatively young age, she had resigned herself to “I won’t ever re-marry.” Her life has known has some trouble.
But she’s definitely not the only one. In Psalm 88, the Psalmist said, “For my life of full of troubles.” Think about that verse… “my life is full of troubles.” That’s a tough verse. But for many, it is real.
Today, if you could say with the Psalmist, “My life has been full of troubles…” know that you are not alone.
There is an old song that goes;
“Trials dark on every hand, And I cannot understand;
All that ways that God would lead us, To that blessed promised land.
But He’ll guide us with His eye, And we’ll follow till we die;
We will understand it better, Bye and Bye.”
If your life has been full of troubles, God promises to give us strength. He didn’t say he would remove the troubles but He would give us strength to deal with them. He will help us.

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