Christians, Make Time For Worship!

     Across our country worship attendance is down. Every Christian needs to make time for worship. God made us and God rested on the Sabbath. Man needs a Sabbath as well. We need time, to simply slow down and reflect. A time to sit in worship and be reminded that there is a Divine being who made us. A time to re-order our priorities if needed.
     For most people, you can dress, drive to church, worship and drive home in about 4 hours time. God gives us 168 in a week. 4 hours is about 2 % of the time God gives us.
Some will miss worship due to travel baseball or softball or dance or gymnastics. Those are all ok but parents your kids are missing vital religious instruction if you aren’t involved in a local church. Worship should be a priority for your family. On Sunday afternoons, play ball if you want to but you need to have your family in worship in the mornings. Or, on Sunday night if that works better for you.
     Some will miss worship because they are fishing. Who make the lake you are fishing in? God did.
     Some will miss worship to hunt. Who made the animals you are hunting? God did.
    Some will miss worship to play golf. Who made the land the golf course is on? God did.
     Some will miss worship to go to the park with their kids. Who gave you those precious children? God did!
     Some will miss worship to spend time with their family. Who made your family? God did!
     There are times when work may cause us to miss worship. In our 24/7/365 society. that happens at times.
     Christians, I encourage you to find time to worship. Rope Sunday morning off and don’t let anything interfere with it. Make time for you and your family to worship God.

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