Why Is Forgiveness So Tough?

Do you have a hard time forgiving? I understand.  I think many Christians struggle with this at times. I confess that I do as well.
When someone hurts you, it hurts. I mean, it may REALLY hurt. And when that happens, we are angry. And quite honestly, the last thing we want to do is forgive. We may even wish God would get them. I mean, “God, let the fire fall!”
There are times when people say things and they hurt.
There are times when someone lies to us and it hurts and add to that, we don’t trust them either.
There are times, when we are mistreated. I mean, we were absolutely wronged, and it hurts.
When any of these things happen to us, it hurts. And then, we are confronted with Jesus teaching on forgiveness which is, to forgive.
Why do we struggle with that? Because we hurt. And, what can really make it tough is if the person or persons who hurt us move on and even prosper. We may think, “Lord, I don’t get it… this person hurt me and they are prospering. What’s the deal?”
Even though it may be tough, the Bible tells us to forgive. We have to do it. We have to ask the Lord for strength to do it. Now, that doesn’t mean you are going on a cruise with these folks. In fact, you may not feel comfortable around them for some time. But, we have to forgive.
Join with me and try to forgive whomever we need to forgive and move on.

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