Failure Isn’t Final

Have you ever messed up? I can hear people chuckling and maybe even laughing as that read those five words. Some are thinking, “Have I messed up? Lord, I can’t count that high!” I hear you. I’ve messed up too. We all have. We are human.
And when you mess up, it can be tough to get up and move on. When you mess up, you can have a tendency to beat yourself up emotionally. Others can beat up on you as well. But, mistakes are part of life. The only way you will never mess up is if you don’t do anything. So, if you just go to work, go home, go in your house and lock the door and never ever say anything or do anything well, you will still mess up some but maybe not as often.
Failure is part of life.
In Joshua 7, the people of Israel stoned a man named Achan because he had taken some things that were under the ban. Achan and his family were burned and were buried under a heap of stones. That’s not a real pleasant deal, is it? They had messed up.
But in the first verse of chapter eight, God says to Joshua, “Do not fear or be dismayed.” So, the army of Israel is defeated at the little town of Ai. Then, they witness the stoning of Ai. So, things aren’t looking good, right? Then God says, “Joshua, do not fear or be dismayed…”
God is saying to Joshua, “I know you are down… I know the people of Israel are discouraged but Joshua… don’t get down.. I’m not finished with you or them.”
If you have messed up, it’s easy for Satan to make us think we are finished. After all, you messed up. But, just because you messed up doesn’t mean you should give up. God still has a plan for you.
Thomas Edison once said, “I’ve not failed, I’ve just found ten thousand ways that won’t work.”
The late John Wooden once said, “Failure is not fatal, but failure to change may be.”
Get up off the floor, dust yourself off and move forward.

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