“Is Your Burden Heavy?”

Are you tired physically and emotionally?  Do you feel like you are carrying around a great burden?  Most of us feel that way at times.
Maybe you are carrying around the burden of a past mistake.
Maybe you are carrying around the burden of a strained or even failed marriage.
Maybe you are carrying around the burden of finances… you’ve got more bills than you have money.
Whatever your burden is, they can get really heavy.
Psalms 81:6 says, “Now I will take the load from your shoulders; I will free your hands from their heavy tasks.”
Think about that… the Lord is promising to take whatever load you are under, off your shoulders. But how does He do that?
He forgives us of our past mistakes and tells us to throw our past mistakes into the sea. He speaks to our hearts about the problem(s) of our marriage and leads us to take the steps to fix them.
There are many ways God helps us. Today, if you are walking around doubled over from your burden, God says, “let Me take your load off your shoulder.”
And, if you know someone who is carrying a heavy load, help them. God may want to use you to help ease the load someone is carrying.
There is an old song that goes;
“Is your burden heavy, As you bear it all along.
Harbor danger yet unknown.
Are you growing weary, In the struggle of it all.
Jesus will help you, When on His name you call.”
Let Jesus lift your burden today.

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