Having A Good Work Ethic

Several years ago I was visiting with an older Preacher. I asked him what was the main thing that he saw lacking in today’s generation as compared to his. He quickly responded, “There ain’t no work ethic anymore.”
That conversation took place back in the ninety’s and it’s still a problem. Work ethic is sorely lacking today.
When I talk with business owners and I ask them what is their greatest challenge? Many of them say “Finding people who will work.” We have a society that wants something for nothing.
Proverbs 12:24 says, “Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and become a slave.”
There are other texts in the Bible that deal with work as well. In II Thessalonians 3:10, Paul wrote, “If a man will not work, neither let him eat.”
Having a great work ethic is a one of the best things a person can possess. A great work ethic gives us peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment.
But many people are looking for a handout. There is an old quote that says, “The helping you are looking for is at the end of your arm.” That’s a great quote and a great reminder!
Estee Lauder once said, “I didn’t dream about success, I worked for it.”
Thomas Edison once said, “Genius is ninety-nine percent perspiration and one percent inspiration.”
Today, if you have a job, go to work and put in a good day’s work with a great attitude! If you don’t have a job, start looking for one today and when you find it, do it with all your heart.

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