Tuesday Of Holy Week – “Sir, we wish to see Jesus”

On Sunday of Holy Week, Jesus made His triumphal entry.

On  Monday, He cursed a barren fig tree.

On Tuesday, some Greeks approached Philip, one of Jesus’ disciples, and said, “Sir, we wish to see Jesus” (John 12:21).

Think about that request… “Sir, we wish to see Jesus.”  It was the  time for the Passover and there were lots of people in Jerusalem.  These two Greeks had a simple request… they wanted to see Jesus.

Their request is still heard today… people still want to see Jesus.   Are we, as modern Christians, letting the world see Jesus?

Let’s be honest… we could do much better showing the world Jesus.  Jesus wants us to be loving… caring… helping… compassionate.  The world isn’t interested in hearing about churches squabbling or Christians squabbling for that matter.  Most people aren’t interested in church policy… they just want to see Jesus. And they  want to see churches touching their communities for Jesus.

How can we show Jesus to the world?

First, by how we live.  In our daily lives, are we judgmental?  Do we have a filthy mouth? Or we constantly critical of our church or staff?  If any of these apply, we aren’t showing the world to Jesus.

Second, by helping others.  When you read the gospels, you see that Jesus healed people, He fed people,  He taught people.  If we are going to show Jesus to the world, we need to love people and help people.

Third, share the love of Jesus with others.  Jesus wants us to be a witness to the world.  Are you sharing with others what Jesus has done for you?

“Sir, we wish to see Jesus…”  The request of these Greek men is the request of our modern-day.  As Christians, we are the only Jesus some will ever see.

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