If God’s Blocking Something – You Don’t Need It

Is there something that you really want?  Something you want to purchase?  Maybe some place you want to go?  Or, something you really, really want to do?  But, for whatever reason, it’s not happening but you are still pursuing it? You may need to back off friend, God may not be in it.

Yesterday, my devotional post was about Balaam and his talking donkey.  Today… another look at that story.. As Balaam was making his way to Moab to talk with King Balak, God sent a messenger to stand in Balaam’s way.  But Balaam didn’t see it… perhaps because he badly wanted to see King Balak.  When the donkey saw the messenger, the donkey sat down under Balaam.  Balaam was furious and beat the donkey!

Then, God opened Balaam’s eyes… and Balaam could see the messenger from God standing in the path.  The Bible says that God spoke to Balaam and said, “Look, I have come to block your way because you are stubbornly resisting me” (Numbers 22:32). God was blocking Balaam’s way to keep him from doing something he would regret.

There have been times that I’ve wanted something… but the door would close and later, I would learn why.  Because God wasn’t it.

There is a saying that goes; “Be careful what you ask for… God may give it to you.”  That happens.  Sometimes, God gives us what we want to teach us… to show us… that’s not what we need.

Today, maybe there is something you are praying for.  Maybe you are really praying HARD for it but, isn’t happening.  You don’t understand it but it’s not happening.  It may be that God is blocking you from doing it because it’s not best for you.  If it’s not God’s best, then you don’t need it.  Listen to the voice and direction of God.

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