When A Talking Donkey Was Smarter Than A Man

Have you ever seen the movie “Shrek?”  There is a donkey that is a character in the movie and the voice of the donkey is Eddie Murphy.  The donkey is talking donkey.  Well, the movie “Shrek” isn’t the first time there was a talking donkey.  There was a talking donkey in the Bible as well.

In the Old Testament, as the people of Israel traveled toward the promised land, they came to the land of Moab.  The king of Moab, Balak, was concerned because Israel was a large group of people.  So, he sent some men to a man named Balaam to ask Balaam to curse the people of Israel.

Balak’s messengers showed up at Balaam’s home and extended the invitation that their King, Balak, had extended.  Hearing their request, Balaam said he needed to consult the Lord so, they waited one night.  During the night, God appeared to Balaam and told him he was NOT to go with these people.  So, Balaam told the men he couldn’t go.

The men return to Balak and tell him Balaam wouldn’t come.  But the king doesn’t stop there.  He sends the people back a second time.  Again, Balaam talked to God but this time, God told Balaam to go. So Balaam prepares his donkey for the journey.

As Balaam journeys, God sends a messenger to stop him but Balaam doesn’t see the messenger.  Balaam’s donkey does but Balaam doesn’t.  The donkey swerves off the path to avoid the messenger of God… and finally, the donkey lays down.  At this point, Balaam beats his donkey until the donkey speaks to Balaam and warns him of the messenger of God.  I won’t go into the details of what happened with the donkey but, the donkey was smarter than Balaam and could see the messenger of God that was sent to stand in Balaam’s way.  Later, Balaam could see the man but not at first.

We shouldn’t need a talking donkey to do God’s will.  Today, strive to follow God in all that you do.





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