We LOVE To Complain

We live in a complaining society.  If you don’t believe it, browse facebook some or, listen to people.  Everyone seems to have a complaint.

Now, there are times when a complaint is necessary.  But, complaint’s aren’t necessary nearly as often as we offer them.

People complain about the schools.  They are convinced teachers are out to get them and their child.  Or, they are convinced their child could be accepted at Harvard if they just had a better teacher.

Or, we complain about government.  I will leave that one there.

Or, we complain about church.  The music was too loud or… it was TOO contemporary or, it was TOO traditional or… it was too cold in there or… why did that preacher preach so long or use that story?

You get the idea… And with social media, it’s easier for people to complain.  I mean, you can just start you a Facebook account or a Twitter account and it’s easy for you to publicize your complaints.

In the book of Numbers, the Bible says the people of Israel complained about their hardship and the Lord heard everything they said.  So, what did the Lord do?  His anger blazed! He sent a fire to rage among them and destroyed some of the people on the outskirts of the camp.  Then, the people begged Moses to help, Moses prayed to God and the fire stopped.

If the Lord still dealt with complaints by sending fire among the people, there wouldn’t be many church buildings or for that matter, many school buildings standing.  Cause people ALWAYS complain.  

When you complain about something, you are saying that you know what is best and if you were in charge you would do it differently.  After all, you are the smartest person in the world.  I’m being sarcastic here.  Criticism is rooted in pride… Pride is saying, “I know what’s best… I’m the smartest… Listen to me!”

I love sports and especially basketball and find myself coaching every game I watch.  But, I have to remind myself regularly that I am not the all time most knowledgable basketball guru that I think I am.  Maybe we all need to do that.

Let’s complain less and be thankful more.

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