Jewel M. Sumner Cowgirls – The Pride Of The Sumner Area

Sumner II

This is a picture of Jewel M. Sumner High School

A school located just east of Tangipahoa, LA.  It’s in a beautiful rural area.  The school was started in the early eighty’s.  Spring Creek High School (where I graduated) and Chesbrough High School were consolidated to form Jewel M. Sumner.  The school gets it’s name from a lady, Jewel Sumner, who donated the land for the school to be built.

Sumner has been in existence for around thirty years.  It’s had some good basketball teams and the football team made a run in the playoffs a year or so ago but, from an athletic standpoint, that’s been it.  Until this year.

Tonight, in Hammond, LA. people from all over the Sumner area will pack the Coliseum of Southeastern Louisiana University as their “Cowgirls” take on Parkview Baptist High School for the girls 3AAA championship in the Louisiana.  The “Cowgirls” made it to the semifinals last year before being put out by eventual state champion, University Lab of Baton Rouge.  Sumner avenged that loss this past Wednesday night, beating Lab to advance to the finals.

Sumner CowgirlsI don’t know how many high schools’ there are in the state of Louisiana in the 3AAA division, but it is several hundred.  If you looked at the location of all those schools, you very possibly wouldn’t choose Sumner as a candidate to win state.  But tonight, the Sumner Cowgirls will take the court and will play for state.

I only know one person on the team… Lana Fairburn… daughter of my first cousin Darla Bridges, but I’ve heard about the Cowgirls from my sister, Deana Simmons, who teaches at Sumner.  The Cowgirls are the pride of Sumner High School.  They have a couple of stars…but mainly, they play and win as a team.  Coach Kara Corkern has done a great job bringing the team together.

Cowgirls, we are pulling for you in Emerson, Ga! Hope you finish an undefeated season! But, win or lose, you’ve had a great year.  GEAAUUXX Cowgirls!


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