We May Not Be The Prettiest… or The Smartest…. But

Yesterday, I worked at the Nissan place I mentioned in an earlier post this week.  Lots of vehicles came through for oil changes.  And each vehicle is different.

Many of the cars have a nice push-button feature to start them with.  You just press the button and the vehicle starts.

Others have one of those navigation features that lets you see what is behind them.

Others have nice leather interior… when you get in them, that new-car smell is strong.

Others are those quite hybrid vehicles.

But at one point, an old Nissan (I believe that was the make) came in.  Let’s just say it was NOT a nice new car. It was OLD.  The card didn’t have door panels.  It looked like it had been riden hard and put up wet.

But. when you turn the key, the vehicle cranked.  I don’t know if the guy had glass pack mufflers or if the muffler had holes in it because it was loud! This card most definitely did not look like the other sexy, sleak-looking models that came through.

But. what is the purpose of a vehicle?  It’s to get you from point A to point B, right? And, to do that, you don’t look sexy.  To do that, you don’t have to have a nice stereo.  This car was fine for providing transportation… if just didn’t look as good as the others.

Many of us are like that old car… we may not look the best… maybe we are a little over-weight… Or… maybe we are not quite as intelligent as others… or… maybe we don’t sing quite as well… or.. maybe we don’t have the charisma  someone else has… Or maybe we don’t teach quite as well as someone else… Or maybe we don’t preach quite as well as someone else.  but, we are talented.  God has given us certain spiritual gifts and we should use them.

Focus on the gifts God has given you.  Be yourself.  God made you and God knows who you are.

The old car I drove yesterday… it was NOT pretty… but it worked.  We may not be the prettiest… the smartest… the most creative… but we do have gifts God wants us to use… so use them and let’s stop comparing ourselves to others.  Psalm 139:14 says, “… I am fearfully and wonderfully made…”  God made us.. let’s serve Him with the gifts He has given us.


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