Lean On Me

“Lean on me,
When you’re not strong;I’ll be your friend, 

I’ll help you carry on.

For, it won’t be long,

‘Till I’m gonna need,

Someone to lean on”

     You familiar with that song? More than likely you are. It has an easy tune that’s easy to sing-along. But set the tune aside…think about what it says…
      Lean on me….when your not strong…we’ve all been there. Maybe you are there now. You need someone to lean on. 

       Paul said, as Christians, we are to lean on one another. Paul said in Gal. 6:2 “Bear one another’s burdens..” You very likely know someone who is under a burden. Paul says we should help them. 

        Prepare a meal for someone. 

         Take them out to eat.

         Give them money if the Lord leads. 

          We all have problems & Christians, we are supposed to help our brother’s & sister’s carry their burden. 

           And don’t be afraid to get involved. Sometimes we don’t ask how someone is doing cause we don’t want to get involved. The Good Samaritan got involved!

          Ask the Lord to put someone on your heart who is burdened down. You may already know someone. Help them 

          But maybe you are burdened. There is nothing wrong with asking a Christian you know well for help. 

         We need to help one another more. Life is tough. Let’s help our brother’s & sister’s carry their burdens.

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