Jesus Calmed The Storm

Country musician Randy Travis has a song that goes, “The storms of life are washing me away.”  Life is filled with storms.  Some storms are financial.  Some are health-related.  Some are marital.  Some may deal with our kids.  How do we handle the storms of life?

In Mark 4, Jesus is on a boat with the disciples.  The boat is sailing along on the Sea of Galilee when all of a sudden, a storm develops.  The  waves were causing the boat to rock.  The disciples got nervous, like any of us would.  Jesus had fallen asleep.  The disciples couldn’t understand how Jesus could sleep while they were in danger of losing their lives.

So, they woke Jesus up  and the Bible says, Jesus calmed the storm.  Slowly, the waves stopped.  The boat stopped rocking.  The disciples could not believe what they had seen… Jesus had calmed the storm!

I don’t know what kind of storm you are  in but Jesus will help.  I didn’t say He will make the storm go away… although He can… but, He will give us the strength we need to deal with the storm.  Today, know that Jesus loves you and  will help you with your storm.

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