Stop Playing The Comparison Game 

Do you compare yourself to others? If so, I encourage you to stop because you don’t win the comparison game. The game only leaves you discouraged. 

This past Saturday, Holli & I hiked Pine Mountain. As we hiked we would pass people coming down the mountain. When we did, it being our first time to hike it, I would ask, “How much farther is it?”

One man said, “it’s about half a mile farther.” I thought, “Great! Not much farther” and I got a little hope.  

We hiked farther and passed another man. Again, I asked, “How much farther?” He responded, “It’s about a mile.” I thought, “Wait, the last guy said half a mile, you can’t be adding miles!” 

We trudged on and reached the top and took in the view. Then, we reflected. I told Holli, “no one can tell you how far it is. Everyone is guessing.”

Who are you listening to today?  Who are you comparing yourself too?  If you listen to or compare yourself to every person on the road of life, you will get discouraged. You are not them. God made you and likes you. Other people aren’t the standard. 

Are you comparing yourself to a sibling? Maybe a parent? A friend? A next-door neighbor? You need to stop because you won’t win. Accept yourself, accept your pace and don’t worry about others. 

One thought on “Stop Playing The Comparison Game 

  1. Hey Greg. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this underestimated, and common tendency that we all likely face at some level. Important thoughts for consideration, indeed. I would add my own belief that engaging in self-comparison is like inviting the evil one to counsel you. The lies will be lobbed into the forefront of our minds almost immediately. And for me, it’s a terrific struggle to recognize that these in fact, are lies, and to also understand that I am in the middle of spiritual warfare. bg

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