Sometimes We Don’t Need To Pray – We Need To Act!

Over the years, I’ve met and talked with lots of people.  Many times, I’ve asked people to do something in the church.  When I’ve made that request, many times the person will respond with, “Let me  pray about that.”

Ok, I understand.  None of us need to live outside the will of God.  But.  do  we need to  pray about everything?  Let me explain.

God has already revealed to us, in His word, various things we are supposed to do.  God has told us to worship, to witness, to serve, to give etc…We don’t have to pray about those things.. God has already said to do it!

In the book of Exodus, Israel was leaving Egypt and they came to the Red Sea.  They looked and Pharoah and his army were pursuing them.  So. Pharoah’s army is on one side and the Red Sea is on the other.  At this time, Moses prays.  God answers with, “Why are you crying out to me?  Tell Israel to get going!”

I feel like God may do the same with us today.  Do not misunderstand me; I’m  not  minimizing the power of prayer.  I’m simply saying that there may be times when we don’t need to pray about something… we need to just do it!

So, is there something God has already told you to do?  He’s told us  to worship… give… serve… love… etc…  God wants His people to worship.  He wants us to serve.  He wants us to pray… We don’t need to pray about those things.  We just need to do it!


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