We Can Be Forgiven Of Hard Living

Have you ever heard someone say, “Hard living will do that to you?” I have and you likely have.  It’s normally said of someone who has lived a life of alcohol or drug abuse and sexual promiscuity.  As a result of years of this, these people age earlier than normal and perhaps die before their time.

Years ago, Jacob said to Pharoah, “I have traveled this earth for  130 hard years.” Maybe someone reading this post has done some hard living and, that hard living may even caused you to question if you can be forgiven of your sin.  I want to assure you, it doesn’t matter what you have done, you can be forgiven.  Regardless if you had substance abuse problems… regardless how careless you may have been sexually.. regardless what kind of mistake(s) you’ve made.. you can be forgiven.

Years ago, a prominent Major League Baseball  player was on his death-bed.  A Minister or Chaplain went to see him.  The Minister or Chaplain began   witnessing to this man and pleading with him to give his life to Christ.  After listening to this Minister for a while, the  dying man said, “Do you mean to tell me that a death-bed conversion will wipe out a life of sin?” The Minister replied, “Yes sir, Jesus Christ will forgive you.”

Today, maybe you have done some hard living.  Maybe you know someone  who has… hard living can cause us to question if God’s grace will cover our sins.  Today, rest assured that you can be forgiven… even from a life of hard-living.



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