We Can Trust God. 

      Imagine that you’re looking at a board. It’s appears to be ok… So… You step on it.  
      But then, you here a crack. Before you know it, you have fallen. That rotten board is a metaphor of life. That board could represent materialism, leisure or whatever else Satan tempts us to build our lives on. All of those things are rotten foundations for our lives.

      We need something sure and pure to build our live’s on. 

       Psalms 12:6 says, “The Lord’s promises are pure.” The Lord’s promises are not rotten or unstable. They are sure and pure. 

      What’s your life built on? Is your live built on the pure foundation of God and his word? If it’s not, it will crack. If it’s not, you’re not standing on something stable.

      There are times when Satan makes us doubt the promises of God. Satan may lead us to question if maybe God has forgotten us? Or, Satan may make us think God won’t provide or, His provision won’t be enough.  

      Maybe today you are struggling to believe God is going to provide. You don’t have to. God’s promises are pure. They are solid… they are pure. You can build your life on them.

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