Living By The Golden Rule

How do you want people to treat you?  You want them to be kind to you, right?  You want them to respect you.  You don’t want them to lie about you, do you?  Well, we should treat others  the same way as we want them to treat us.  That idea is known as the “Golden Rule.”

In Matthew 7:12, Jesus told us “Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. This is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets.” If we practiced the Golden Rule, many of the problems we have in our churches, in our towns cities and nations, would disappear.

Years ago, a judge passed away in Dallas, Texas.  The judge was well-known and respected so, upon his death, lots of flowers were ordered and sent to his funeral.  After the funeral, another judge who knew the deceased judge, was standing by a van owned by the funeral home and he was watching a black employee of the funeral home load the wreaths of flowers that had been sent to the  judge’s funeral.

Watching all these flowers loaded, the judge said, “Judge so-and-so sure does have lots of flowers, doesn’t he?

To which, the black employee replied, “Yes sir; but he’s been planting the seeds of those flowers a long time.”

Christians, we are planting seeds today in how we treat people.  Let’s live by the Golden Rule.

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