Thoughts On America During The Christmas Holidays

Thinking about America on Christmas.

We are in the beginning of the President campaign for 2016.  We have listened to Republican and Democratic candidates.  We listen to television news, we listen to news  radio, we read news on websites.  Many people are very concerned  for our nation and I share that.  But my solution is probably different from most.

Many people think the Presidential election next year will solve our nation’s problems.  It won’t… doesn’t matter who is elected.

Many people feel if the Supreme Court would reverse it’s ruling and make same-sex marriage legal that would solve our nation’s problems.  While I didn’t agree with the ruling, simply reversing that won’t solve our problems.

Others believe if we shut down Planned Parenthood that would solve our problems.  While I am pro-life,  simply closing that down won’t solve our problems.

So, what will?  We need a renewal in the home.  I substitute teach some and for several years, I’ve  seen kids in our schools.  Many kids have little respect for authority any longer.   But is that the kids fault?  No, it’s the Parents.

Simply put, many young people do not have a good work ethic.  Many of them  ignore deadlines for school work to be completed and whine and complain until the teacher moves the date.  In short, no one wants to take responsibility.  Parents cover for their kids by making excuses.  This generation of kids is growing up with very little respect for authority.

When they get into the world, many are going to have a rude awakening in college and at work.  At some point, they have to learn responsibility.  Otherwise, you have a nation of people who don’t want to get a job… when they get it, they want to show up late for work… they don’t want to work hard… they have been taught to lie to cover themselves.  What kind of society is that?  But that’s where we are headed.

Legislation cannot change hearts.  Political parties  can’t teach responsibility.  It’s  got to start in the home.  We DESPERATELY need a renewal of the home.

Pope John Paul II once said, “As the family goes, so goes the nation and t he world we live in.”  He was absolutely right.  Join with me in praying for renewal in the home.


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