Pick Yourself Up And Move Forward

Are you a whiner?  I mean, do you have a tendency to whine and complain if things aren’t going  just right?  Because we are human, we can all  do that occasionally.  But, instead of whining or complaining, we need to pick ourselves up and move forward.  I saw an excellent example of this recently.

Last week, I re-watched the  movie “Behind Enemy Lines.”‘The movie is about two American serviceman whose planes crash behind enemy lines.  One of the men is shot but the other is finally rescued by the US military.  In one scene, this  soldier is talking with his Commander on radio and he’s frustrated.  He begins to complain some which he certainly had the right to do then.  But, his Commander reprimands him and says, “You are a United States soldier, pick yourself up!  Use your training!”

Those words sounded harsh to a soldier down behind enemy lines but, that’s exactly what he had to do.  He had to pick himself up.  He had to get his act together.

Many people are down… discouraged… they feel life has dealt them a bad hand.  They may cry out, “Woe is me.”  Or, “I shouldn’t have been treated that way.”  They are right; they may have been treated wrongly but, they can’t  change it now.  They have to pick themselves up and  move forward.

I don’t know what you are facing but maybe you need to heed the Commanders words to his soldier; “pick yourself up… move forward.” If you are waiting for things to get batter.. they may not get better… if you are waiting for a better job… you may wait awhile… get up… pick yourself up… and move forward.

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