The Lord Lifts Those Who Are Discouraged

Are you down this morning?  Dealing with some depression or just discouraged?  Or, maybe you are drained from the holidays.

Psalm 146:8 says, “The Lord lifts up those who are weighed down.”  So, if you are down… discouraged… the Lord says He will lift us up.  But how does the Lord do that?

He can do that through the power of His word.  As we read the Bible, God may cause a verse of scripture to stand out and minister to our  soul.  He can do it through music.  Maybe you are down and you hear a song on the radio or your ipod and it speaks to your heart.  Maybe the Lord speaks to you through a book.

All of  the ways I’ve just listed are good.  But many times, God speaks to us through a friend.  God may use  a good friend of ours to encourage us.  Today, do you know someone who is down?  Someone who is hurting?  If so, don’t send them a text… unless  there is no other way.  Don’t send an email… Instead, go see them… if you can.

If you have no other choice but to text or email well, by all means, do that.  But, a personal visit is best.  Stop for a moment… think about someone you know who is discouraged.  If at all possible, go see them.  The Lord may want  to use you to “lift those who are weighed down.”

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