Depression Is Tougher During The Holidays

Do you struggle with depression? Lots of people do.  I do at times.  Depression is tough.

But what’s worse is that it can get worse during the holidays. Lots and lots of people struggle with depression during the holiday season.  The main reason they do is they have lost a loved one or they are going through a divorce and dealing with that is more difficult during the holidays.  The holidays are about family and when our family has changed, the holiday season makes that worse.

If you are struggling with depression, you are most definitely not alone.  Psalms 143:7 says, “Come quickly, Lord, and answer me, for my depression deepens.”  The Psalmist was struggling with depression just like we do.  

So, how do you handle depression?  How can you get up, when your spirits are down?  I’m most definitely not a trained therapist but, I will list some practical things I feel like would help.

Accept the situation as it is.  Are you going through a divorce?  Lost a loved one?  Ok, both are difficult but denying reality isn’t going to help.  Your situation is very real, with the Lord’s help, accept it.

Second, you may want to go somewhere during the holidays. Some people will take a trip.  Maybe you go out to eat.  Don’t stay home and dwell on the issue.

Contact a friend.  Talk with someone.  Find someone whom you can talk with and share your heart.

Your depression real but, you aren’t alone.  God loves you.  Christmas is about hope.  Jesus came to this world to give us hope.  That even includes those of us who struggle with depression.

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