Join Us For Christmas Eve At FBC Emerson

On  Christmas Eve we will have a 5 & 6:30 worship service at FBC Emerson.  We will have a few songs, I will read the Christmas story & we will take communion. If you are reading this & don’t have a place where you worship, we would love to have you. Don’t worry about your clothes. You will not be judged. You may think, “the church would burn down if I went in.” No it won’t. God loves us all. You a single mom? Divorced? Separated? Battling drugs or alcohol? Got more bills than you can pay? Gone through bankruptcy?  Homosexual? Had an affair? Jesus loves us.  He doesn’t love our sin… but His Son came to this earth to die for our sin.  Just as Jesus reached out to the woman at the well, He reaches out to each one of us today.

YOU HAVE NOT MESSED UP SO BAD THAT JESUS WON’T LOVE YOU.  If  you  join us for Christmas  Eve worship, we are going to accept  you where you are  and we are going to, together, worship Jesus who loves us all.

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