“Jesus… You Can Have My Room…”

One of the  traditions of Christmas is programs where the Christmas story is acted out.  Whomever plays  the innkeeper says, “I’m sorry, but we have no room.”  At least that’s how it’s supposed to go.

There is an old story about a Christmas program where the innkeeper got away from the script.  He followed the script to begin with.  He said, “I’m sorry but we have no room.”  Then, he watched as Joseph turned away, discouraged.  At this point, the innkeeper was supposed to say, “Wait, I can let you sleep in the stable.  It’s all I have.”  Instead, the innkeeper felt very bad for Joseph and Mary and said, “Wait, Joseph; you can have my room.”  The innkeeper broke with tradition with that line but, his reply has been quoted many, many times.

Question for us on this day before Christmas Eve; is there room in your heart… in your life.. for Jesus?  If Jesus were to approach you today, would you say, “Jesus, I’m sorry… our family has lots of holiday events and we don’t have time to worship.”  Or, “Jesus , I’m a busy man  or lady.. I don’t have time for you, Im sorry.”

You have heard it a jillion times… “Jesus is the reason for the season.”  We have  48 hours until Christmas.  As we approach  Christmas, keep Jesus front and center.  MAKE time for Jesus.


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